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Get all 4 Wisdom Teeth removed, including Exams, X-Rays, IV Sedation, PRF, and No Dry Socket Guarantee for Half The Price of an Oral Surgeon. (INSURANCE Accepted). Call to book your appointment.

***Patient Care and Saftey is our #1 Concern***

 3 Reasons Why You Should Choose All Out Wisdom Teeth

Extractions are all we do!

Getting your wisdom teeth removed is not something everyone looks forward to. At ALL OUT, we utilize the latest technology and techniques to ensure you have the best experience possible.

You are our #1 focus, and we do the little things that make all the difference. This is the ALL OUT EXPERIENCE you won’t find it anywhere else. Just read our reviews.

Money Back Guarantee

Getting back to life after Wisdom Teeth Removal is important to us, so we use PRF. 

This additional procedure is called Platelet Therapy. We draw a small amount of your own blood, put it in a centrifuge, and make it into PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin). We then place this in your extraction sites. It’s been shown to speed up recovery and, most importantly, prevent a dry socket! We have not had a dry socket in 18 months where PRF was utilized! It works and you want it!

Doctors, Team and Price

Our mission is to safely remove your wisdom teeth and speed up your recovery in the most cost-effective way. Patient Satisfaction is our #1 priority.

A standard oral surgeon can charge up to $4000 to remove your wisdom teeth. We don’t.

We want your experience to be exceptional. When you enter the door, our Doctor and staff will be waiting to serve you with an All OUT Experience

Meet The ALL OUT Teams

Our mission is to safely remove your wisdom teeth and speed up your recovery in the most cost-effective way. Patient Satisfaction is our #1 priority.

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Meet Dr. Jason S Emett, DMD, and the All Out Wisdom Teeth Team

Meet Dr. Jason T Cowden, DMD, and the All Out Wisdom Teeth Team

Dr. Jason Emett Is TikTok Famous

We educate our patients so they know what to expect





Questions You May Have

Why do I need my wisdom teeth out?

Wisdom teeth in the majority of people cause a problem because there’s not enough room in the mouth for them to come in. So removing them early on in life is important. Best to get them out before 25. Taking them out as you’re older is more difficult; the bone is harder, you may have other health problems as you get older, and the roots are longer.

What are impacted wisdom teeth?

Impacted wisdom teeth are wisdom teeth that get stuck, or blocked, from erupting by the tooth in front of it or simply being misaligned in the jaw and unable to erupt. This misaligned or impacted wisdom tooth can put pressure on the adjacent tooth, which can result in permanent damage to these otherwise healthy teeth and surrounding bone.

Oral Surgeon vs All Out Wisdom Teeth
Our dentists have advanced training in the removal of wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are all we do. By streamlining our processes we are able to pass the savings onto the patient. We do often refer patients to a local oral surgeon depending on many factors including case and medical complexity.
What is a dry socket?
A dry socket (local alveolar osteitis) occurs when the clot is lost from the hole left in the jaw after a wisdom tooth is extracted. It generally results in a dull, uncomfortable ache. It is easily treated in the office where you had your wisdom teeth removed.
Why are wisdom teeth more difficult to extract?

Depending on a variety of factors, wisdom tooth extraction can be more difficult than other teeth, but for the most part, a wisdom tooth extraction is a fairly routine process performed by a General Dentist. If the Dentist notices a situation that presents a more complicated extraction, they will discuss it with you beforehand, but it usually isn’t a major cause for concern.

What is the recovery period for wisdom teeth extractions?
The main part of the recovery period is around a 3-5 day course. By days 5-7 day, you should feel back to normal again. We like to tell our patients that they can expect up to 2 weeks to fully recover after having their wisdom teeth removed. During this two-week period, you should expect to have swollen cheeks & gums, and there may be discomfort that gradually lessens as your continue to recover and follow the care advice of your doctor.

What our Customers Are Saying

5 Stars Average | 100’s of Reviews

“Amazing and Super Awesome Team”

So Happy we chose ALL OUT Wisdom Teeth. my son had his teeth out today and is doing so good🤗

Dr. Emmett and his amazing and super awesome team we’re wonderful and love love Daisy at the front desk❤️ Thank you so much y’all;))


“Explained The Process”

Overall great experience from beginning to end. The staff at All Out Wisdom are awesome.

Dr. Emmett took time to explain the process and answer questions, the office manager took time to work out a payment plan that works for me, the medical assistant explained the recovery care plan in detail and they even provided a gift bag with applesauce, mashed potatoes, and soup!


“10/10 would recommend to anyone”

Amazing place, I have a terrible fear of having any kind of dental work done and they made me so comfortable here. They went above and beyond with making me relaxed and comfortable and everyone was so kind and caring. If anyone needs their wisdom teeth out, this is the place. I had to get all 4 of mine out 2 of which were impacted and 1 that was turned sideways. Plus, they also gave excellent home care advice –  Destiny

“Very Friendly and Detailed”

I’ve always been so worried about going to the dentist after having negative experiences with other dentists, Dr. Emmett and his team were VERY friendly and very detailed of the procedure, made sure I was comfortable and not in pain the entire time. Was very direct in how everything was going to happen and his assistant Dori was very courteous. I highly, highly recommend all out wisdom teeth and the team. 5 stars 🌟


“Helpful and Kind”

Highly recommend All Out Wisdom Teeth in St George. Our first wisdom teeth and they made the process so easy by working with my insurance to get us the best deal. Everyone was so helpful and kind. They answered all our questions and Dr. Emmett even gave us his personal phone number if we had any concerns over the weekend. My son hasn’t had any problems. Definitely will come back for our other children.


“Everything So Easy”

Great experience! Do not hesitate to use All Out for you or your child’s wisdom teeth extraction. From start to finish they made everything so easy and comfortable. The staff & Dr. Emett were all amazing.

I wish I could remember everyone’s names as they were all wonderful, but Daisy was especially kind and helpful.


“I love this office”

I love this office! They not only knew about Narcolepsy and Sleep Apnea, they reassured me that I would be in good hands. Their staff is so much fun, and they checked in on me throughout the recovery.

I would absolutely go there again if I somehow ended up with more wisdom teeth!

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