Wisdom teeth removal is a surgical procedure that involves removing one or more wisdom teeth located at the back corners of your mouth. 

Wisdom teeth also known as third molars, are the last permanent teeth that erupt in the mouth usually between the ages of 17 and 25. However, some people never develop wisdom teeth, but for others, wisdom teeth erupt normally. 

Usually, Wisdom teeth don’t have space to grow completely and can cause several problems, resulting in pain, infection or other dental problems. In this case, you’ll likely need to get your wisdom tooth pulled by a dentist or an oral surgeon. 

Dentists and oral surgeons recommend wisdom tooth removal because wisdom teeth can grow at various angles in the jaw, sometimes even horizontally. Some issues that are related to wisdom teeth are as follows- 

  • When it doesn’t grow out of your gums: If they aren’t able to develop normally, wisdom teeth become confined within your jaw, resulting in cyst formation, an infection that can affect and damage your teeth roots or bone support. 
  • When it arises partly through the gums: This happens because the last corner area of our mouth is usually not visible to us, and it’s so hard to clean. It creates a passageway that can act as a magnet for bacteria that cause gum disease and oral infections. 
  • When you don’t have enough space: Sometimes, when you don’t have enough space for new wisdom teeth to grow in your mouth, it starts damaging your neighbor’s teeth. 

Seeing the problems that wisdom teeth cause, some dentists and oral surgeons recommend wisdom tooth extraction before the age of 25 because it becomes difficult to remove them after 25 as your body gets more rigid. 

How Much does it really cost to get your wisdom Teeth Removed??

Wisdom teeth removal can range in price from $1600 to $2800 for all four teeth. However, this cost range does not include fees associated with X-rays, possible oral surgery necessities, sedation, or the examination of the wisdom tooth to surrounding teeth and nerves. 

Usually, the cost of wisdom tooth removal depends on a number of factors that include the location of the dentist, the experience of the dentist, the type of dental insurance you have, and above all, removal costs for impacted wisdom teeth are significantly higher than for erupted wisdom teeth. 

On average, the cost of wisdom teeth removal is quite expensive. Below are the usual costs associated with wisdom teeth removal

  • $200 per tooth for simple extractions
  • $225–$600 per tooth for impacted wisdom tooth extractions. This is done using local anesthesia.
  • $250–$800 for the general anesthetic to put the patient to sleep.
  • $1000-$2300 for all wisdom teeth removal through Surgical Extraction in case of bony impaction

In some cases, it can range from surgeons to surgeons, they can even charge as high as $6000 for removing wisdom teeth. And seeing the location, wisdom teeth removal at St George, Utah can be much higher than in the entire USA. Thus you need a professional yet trusted dentist to keep the transparency during the wisdom teeth removal process. All about wisdom teeth provides the removal of all four wisdom teeth at just $1299. Our assistance doesn’t stop here; apart from wisdom teeth removal, you’ll get teeth examination, X-Rays, IV Sedation at no additional cost. 

When should you get your Wisdom teeth removed? 

Wisdom teeth removal is something that needs to be done before they start creating damage. 

Wisdom teeth extraction is needed when our downsized mandibles are no longer able to fit wisdom teeth comfortably. However, the majority of people still develop them. 

This is why only your dentist can tell you exactly when you should get your wisdom teeth removed. We highly recommend calling your dentist if you experience any of the following signs or symptoms:

  • bleeding in wisdom teeth 
  • Jaw expansion due to Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Sinus congestion and headaches.
  • Bad taste in your mouth due to the teeth
  • Persistent numbness or loss of feeling
  • Swelling at the last corners of your mouth
  • Gum irritation surrounding the impacted wisdom teeth 
  • Irregular biting and pain surrounding the impacted wisdom teeth 

All these conditions can send anyone on the earth in a panic mode but don’t worry, Doctors at All about wisdom teeth understand their patients very well. While getting your teeth removed, you can be nervous. Don’t be. We try to get it done as gently and quickly as possible.

Is there any Risk involved in Wisdom teeth Removal?

Wisdom teeth removal is a prevalent surgical procedure and usually goes well. In rare cases, complications can occur in wisdom teeth removal and can cause further problems if taken lightly. Complications in wisdom teeth removal can include swelling, excessive bleeding, or even numbness in the jaw. 

However, to provide you a slight relief, these complications can be reduced or prevented by reaching out to your dentist at the right time. You can notify your dentist if you notice issues like pain near the injection site or bleeding and swelling. 

These symptoms can further create many gum problems if not treated properly at the initial stage. Here are some risks that are involved in wisdom teeth removal.

  • Limited Mouth opening: You’re more likely to experience temporary trismus or restriction or discomfort opening your mouth after a lengthy procedure of wisdom tooth removal.
  • Excessive Bleeding: Bleeding in the initial hours of teeth removal is normal. If your bleeding doesn’t stop even after 8-12 hours, you should immediately seek help from a dentist or oral surgeon to minimize bleeding.
  • Dry socket: you can even experience dry socket or Alveolar osteitis after your wisdom teeth removal. This happens when blood clots form over the extraction sites to help your mouth heal, and the blood clot remains dislodged. In a dry socket, your nerve under your gum gets exposed to air or food debris.

If such a situation occurs, dentists at All-out wisdom teeth prescribe a treatment such as heat therapy, pain medications, muscle relaxants, or jaw opening devices. 

Why choose All-Out Wisdom teeth?

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